BBQ Tips

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Barbecue cooking information Handy hints for Safe & Healthy BBQ-ing

  1. A successful BBQ requires the meat to be cooked correctly without burning. Achieve this by following the points, and don’t leave the BBQ unattended.

  2. Light the BBQ well in advance (follow manufacturer’s instructions) before you plan to start cooking. Make sure you use enough charcoal, and wait until it is glowing red (with a powdery grey surface) before starting to cook.

  3. Ensure that the ‘chef’ wears an apron and washes hands before cooking and in between putting food on and taking it off the BBQ.


  1. Keep all raw and cooked food separate and keep it “wrapped and refrigerated”.

    * Keep meat refrigerated for as long as possible before cooking ? and put the oven on to keep them warm after cooking.

  1. Use separate BBQ utensils when handling raw and cooked food.

  2. Check sausages and burgers are cooked through, (juices should run clear). Steaks being ‘solid’ meat rather than minced or chopped are quite safe eaten when cooked to rare or medium.

  3. Make sure frozen meat is thoroughly thawed (unless otherwise stated) before cooking and do not refreeze once thawed.

  4. To make your BBQ a little more special why not create a marinade or glaze for chops, cubes or steaks from the list below. Add the meat to the marinade, cover and leave to marinate in the fridge for 3-4 hours.


Natural yogurt, 45ml(3tbsp)

Curry paste, 15ml(1tbsp)

Lemon juice, 5ml(1tsp)

Pineapple, crushed,

432g can Chilli sauce, 30ml(2tbsp)

Garlic cloves, 2 crushed


150ml red or white Fresh Herbs, chopped,

30ml(2tbsp) Olive oil, 15ml(1tbsp)

Garlic cloves, 2, crushed

Quick And Easy Glazes for Two Steaks

During the last two minutes of cooking time, simply brush the chops, steaks or kebabs with 30ml(2tbsp) of any one of the following:

  • Curry paste

  • Hoi-sin or plum sauce

  • Horseradish, mint or apple sauce

  • Dijon or English Mustard

Serving Suggestions

  • Fruity Rice Salad : mixed rice with strawberries, red onion, and green olives, finished off with fresh chopped parsley

  • Pasta Salad : coloured shapes mixed with peppers, apple, celery, grapes and a low-fat dressing of yogurt, curry powder and mango chutney

  • New Potatoes tossed with fresh mint and chives or jacket potatoes with a cottage cheese topping


BBQ Cooking Times


Timings below are for each side. Remember, the timing relates to the thickness of the meat

Sirloin or rump 2cm (”)
Fillet steaks are approximately 1cm thicker so will need an extra 1-2 minutes cooking time each side.
2 mins (rare)
4 mins (med)
6 mins (well)
Loin or leg steaks1-2cm (-”) Chops 2-3cm (-1”) 6-8 mins
8-10 mins
Leg, chump steak 1-2cm (-”)
Chops 2cm (”)
Cutlets 2cm (”)
4-6 mins

6-8 mins
4-6 mins
Simply make your own kebabs by cutting the above steaks into (approx 2.5cm (1”) size cubes 15 minutes in total
Ensure all sausages and burgers are thoroughly cooked (juices should run clear) before serving

Burgers (pork, beef, lamb)

Sausages (standard pork, beef, lamb)

Sausages (chipolata pork, beef, lamb)


4-6 minutes each side

10-12 minutes in total

8-10 minutes in total