Meat storage

Storing your meat

It is vital, for safety and quality, that food is stored at the correct temperature in correct way and for the correct time. Below is a simple diagram showing how best to store your food.

fridge layout

* This is the layout for most domestic refrigerators on the market. If your refrigerator allows, salads should be stored above raw meats.



Ensure that hands, equipment and surfaces are scrupulously clean before and after handling food and between handling raw and cooked foods - especially when using the barbecue.

Check your fridge is operating at the correct temperature: between 0 and 4 degrees centigrade.

Keep a separate hard, durable chopping board for preparing raw meats.

Defrost frozen foods thoroughly (unless otherwise stated) and do not re-freeze-once thawed.

Cover and store raw and cooked foods separately. Store uncooked foods lower in the refrigerator than cooked ones.

Make sure foods are thoroughly and evenly defrosted, and when re-heating ensure piping hot throughout.

When marinating meat, cover and store in a refrigerator.

Ensure burgers and sausages are thoroughly cooked and piping hot before serving.

When roasting a stuffed joint remember to weigh the joint after stuffing, then calculate the cooking time.

Food thermometers can be used to ensure internal food temperatures are sufficiently hot.