Meat and fat

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Did you know?
Tips to further reduce the fat content of meat meals

Did you know?

Many of the important nutrients in meat are found in the lean part, so it is possible to reduce the fat without reducing the nutritional benefits

About half the fat in lean red meat is unsaturated fat ( i.e. monounsaturated and polyunsaturated).

Due to animal breeding, feed changes and modern butchery methods the fat content of red meat has fallen by one third over the last 20 years.


fat chart
Reduction in fat content achieved from the 1950s to the present day (for raw meat)


Tips to further reduce the content of fat meat meals

Choose extra lean varieties of meat and meat products

  • Use lean cubes of beef, lamb or pork for casseroles or kebabs.
  • There are ranges of lower-fat versions of popular meat products like sausages, burgers and pâté.

Trim any visible fat off meat during preparation or at the table

Dry fry, grill or bake without adding additional fat or oil

Drain and discard fat from the pan before making a gravy or sauce with remaining juices

Skim gravies and sauces before serving

If necessary, drain fried meat on kitchen towel before serving