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September 2016

The real truth about meat:: Why we can all enjoy red meat as part of a balanced diet

June 2014

Keep eating red meat the meat advisory panel refutes latest heart health research

March 2014

Sorting fact from fiction - fast facts on salt


Survey reveals misconceptions about meat is leaving Britons at risk of health problems

Mind The Knowledge Gap on YouTube

Mind The Knowledge Gap report

March 2013

The meat advisory panel reaffirms benefits of red meat

September 2012

Red meat and children's diets

Infants and children are at risk from low intakes of meat-based nutrients such as iron, zinc and vitamin D according to the findings of a new study commissioned by the Meat Advisory Panel (MAP).

October 2011

Women unaware about iron deficiency risks

Women’s lack of understanding of the importance of iron in the diet could be endangering their health and hindering the education performance of their children according to research published today.

July 2011

Are you getting your portion?

MeatBoxes, containing a week’s worth of beef, pork and lamb, were launched today by TV chef John Torode and a group of butchers from across the UK, to show shoppers how much red meat they can enjoy as part of a balanced diet. Modelled on popular vegetable boxes, each MeatBox will contain a variety of cuts of beef, pork and lamb, adding up to 500g per person per week as well as a series of tasty nutritious recipes. The boxes will be trialled in butchers across the country on Thursday 14 July and rolled out if they prove a hit with customers.